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In the rapidly evolving landscape of a large healthcare organization, mergers and acquisitions led to the proliferation of multiple Qlik platforms for dashboarding and visualization. This resulted in challenges related to software license and hardware resource wastage, multiple portals for different dashboards, confusion among customers regarding which portal to access, and the burden of infrastructure and support maintenance.


The healthcare organization faced several critical challenges with their existing Qlik platforms:

  • Data Silos and Inconsistent Insights: Disparate QlikView instances resulted in data silos, hindering the ability to gain comprehensive insights across departments and impeding data-driven decision-making.
  • Multiple Portals for Different Dashboards: The presence of several portals for different dashboards created confusion among users and hindered their ability to efficiently access the information they needed. Customers were uncertain about which portal to use to access specific dashboards, causing frustration and inefficiency.
  • Wastage of Software License and Hardware Resources: Multiple Qlik platforms resulted in redundant licenses and underutilized hardware resources, leading to unnecessary expenses.
  • Infrastructure and Support Maintenance: The organization struggled with the complex task of maintaining and supporting multiple platforms, which consumed valuable time and resources.

Softwise Solutions, through their expertise in QlikView consolidation and healthcare analytics, helped the organization overcome the challenges of managing multiple instances. By centralizing data, standardizing practices, and fostering collaboration, the healthcare organization achieved data-driven excellence, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced patient care outcomes.


Softwise Solutions embarked on a comprehensive project to address the challenges faced by the healthcare organization. The key steps involved in the solution were:

  • Architecting and Designing the BI Infrastructure: Softwise Solutions analyzed the existing architecture and designed an optimized and scalable BI infrastructure to support the organization's dashboarding and visualization needs.
  • Migration to a Unified Portal: The team at Softwise Solutions meticulously migrated the data and dashboards from the multiple Qlik platforms to a unified portal, streamlining access and reducing confusion for users.
  • Enhanced Security and Stability: Softwise Solutions implemented advanced security measures, load balancing, and failover capabilities to ensure a more secure, robust, and stable platform.


The implementation of Softwise Solutions' solution resulted in significant benefits for the healthcare organization:

  • About Half a Million Dollar Savings in Cash: By eliminating redundant licenses and optimizing hardware resources, the organization achieved substantial cost savings, amounting to half a million dollars.
  • Unified Portal for All Dashboards: The consolidation of dashboards onto a single portal simplified navigation for users, providing a centralized hub for accessing the necessary information.
  • Improved Customer Experience: With the introduction of a single go-to portal, customers experienced enhanced convenience and clarity, enabling them to quickly access the dashboards they needed.
  • Enhanced Security and Stability: The implemented solution offered heightened security measures and improved system stability, ensuring a seamless user experience with load balancing and failover capabilities.