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Challenge: Improving Efficiency in Laboratory Services

A large healthcare provider faced the challenge of measuring lab performance at a granular level due to the complexities of extracting and analyzing data from Epic. Users struggled to gather the required data, enduring multiple cycles of time-consuming report generation, manual adjustments, and calculations. Moreover, the system's performance suffered due to the growing database size.

Unleashing Lab Efficiency with Actionable Data Insights

By enabling access to actionable information, Softwise Solutions empowered the healthcare provider to drive better performance measurement and efficiency in laboratory services. With faster reporting, granular insights, and improved lab conditions, the organization continues to leverage the power of data analytics to enhance patient care and optimize operations.

Softwise Solutions' iLab Platform Extracts, Transforms, and Loads Data

Softwise Solutions developed the iLab platform to enhance extraction, reporting, and analysis of data critical for measuring and optimizing lab performance. The iLab platform efficiently extracts, transforms, and loads data from Epic into a large Oracle database. Using SAP Business Objects Tools to simplify data access and improve it through the creation of a metadata structure. SAP's Web Intelligence leverages this metadata to generate actionable reports, providing more detailed analysis than Epic's default reporting tool. To ensure future scalability, the Oracle database transitioned to Hadoop, while Tableau and PowerBI empowered dashboard applications.

Results: Optimized Efficiency in Hospitals and Labs

Softwise Solutions' iLab platform revolutionized data processing, analysis, and reporting across 20+ hospitals and 45 labs, serving thousands of patients and tens of thousands of lab tests. Key users, including the Regional Lab Director, Lab System Managers, and Lab Data personnel, accessed the reporting platform through a web link. The solution accommodated diverse lab types, such as General Lab, Blood Bank, and Microbiology labs, with plans to expand further. By implementing Softwise Solutions' iLab platform, the healthcare provider achieved the following outcomes:

  • Accelerated Reporting: Reports that previously took hours to generate are now available within minutes, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Enhanced Performance Measurement: Performance measurement now extends to the lab location, technician, and device levels, enabling leaders to identify areas of excellence and focus on improvement opportunities.
  • Improved Lab Conditions: Rapid identification and resolution of broken equipment have significantly improved working conditions for lab personnel.
  • Scalable Solution for Industry Challenges: Softwise Solutions' solution, tailored to Epic's leading application, provides a common framework that can be implemented across departments utilizing similar health information and EHR technologies.